How To Choose Lucky House Names As Per Vastu? A Comprehensive Guide

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Why Do People Name Their Houses?

Naming a house is an age-old tradition across cultures. A house name in Hindi is not just an identifier, but also a way to personalize one's living space and imbibe it with positive energies. In India, where Vastu Shastra (the ancient Hindu system of architecture) is widely followed, carefully choosing an auspicious house name in Hindi is considered highly significant.

Significance of House Names in Vastu Shastra

According to Vastu principles, the name of a house plays a crucial role in determining the flow of positive and negative energies within the premises. It is believed that names carrying auspicious vibrations can attract prosperity, happiness, and good luck, while inauspicious names can have the opposite effect. This is why many people consult with vastu consultants online or refer to sacred texts before finalizing a house name.

How to Choose a Lucky House Name as Per Vastu?

Choosing an apt and unique house name according to Vastu Shastra involves considering various factors, including the direction the house faces, the number of consonants and vowels in the name, and the meaning behind the name. Here are some key guidelines:

  • Consider the House Direction (Dik)

As per Vastu, each direction (east, west, north, south) is governed by specific deities and elements. For example, the east represents the fire element and is ruled by Indra (the king of devas). Therefore, a house facing east should ideally have a name associated with fire, sun, or prosperity.

  • Analyse the Number of Consonants and Vowels

Vastu recommends that a house name should have an odd number of consonants and vowels as these are considered auspicious. Unique House Names in India even numbers of letters are often avoided.

  • Consider the Meaning

The meaning behind a house name holds immense significance in Vastu. Names related to deities, nature, prosperity, and positive virtues are preferred. Avoid names with negative connotations or those associated with violence, pain, or destruction.

Cultural and spiritual significance

To strengthen your bond with your birthplace and roots, pick a name that has symbolic meaning for your culture or religion. A name that expresses your values promotes harmony in the place.

1. Phonetic energy

A house's vitality is influenced by how its name sounds. To create a happy atmosphere, choose names with uplifting and harmonising phonetic energy.

2. Language

The house name must be pronounced and comprehended with ease. Any language will do, but the name needs to make sense and be easily recognisable.

3. Simplicity

For a lasting impression, use a name that is short, straightforward, and easy to recall. Select a name that is distinctive and simple, yet has depth and meaning.

4. Avoid negative associations

Avoid naming your house anything that has a bad connotation in order to keep bad energy away. Names associated with grief, aggression, or strife ought to be shunned.

5. Elements and sounds

Earth, fire, air, water, and space are the five elements that Vastu highlights as being important. To create a peaceful and well-balanced environment, choose names that have sounds associated with these aspects.

Lucky House Names in Hindi

For those seeking lucky house names in Hindi, here are some popular choices and their meanings:

House Name



Sri Nivas (श्री निवास)

House of wealth

Attracts wealth and energy. Maintain a clutter-free entrance to enhance the energy flow.

Anand Bhawan (आनंद भवन)

House of Happiness

Invites positive energy, fostering a joyous atmosphere for harmonious living.

Prem Kunj (प्रेम कुंज)

House full of love

Infuses relationships with love, creating an atmosphere that attracts love and harmony.

Ashirwad (आशीर्वाद)


Invokes divine protection and grace, aligning with the spiritual aspect of Vaastu.

Ashiyana (आशियाना)

Home or shelter

Promotes a safe environment, creating a sense of protection for peaceful living.

Shanti Niketan (शांति निकेतन)

Abode of peace

Encourages harmony and balance among residents, fostering well-being.

Swarn Mandir (स्वर्ण मंदिर)

Golden Temple

Signifies spiritual and material wealth, attracting prosperity and abundance.

Surya Kiran (सूर्य किरण)

Sun rays

Invokes the energy of the Sun for growth and prosperity, suitable for east-facing houses.

Prakash Kunj (प्रकाश कुंज)

Abode of light

Embraces natural light, promoting positive energy, happiness and good health.

Aarohi (आरोही)


Symbolises progress, growth and higher aspirations.

Vrindavan (वृंदावन)

Named after the sacred town associated with Lord Krishna

Signifies a spiritual connection and an environment of devotion and love.

Dhanvantari (धन्वंतरि)

Named after the Hindu god of medicine and healing

Focuses on health, well-being and nurturing the body and mind.

Mangaldeep (मंगलदीप)

Auspicious light

Illuminates positivity and good fortune, attracting auspicious energies.

Jeevan Anand (जीवन आनंद)

Life’s bliss

Promotes happiness and contentment within the home.

Uday Villa (उदय विला)

Sunrise Villa

Symbolises hope, optimism and renewal, particularly suitable for east-facing houses.

Kailash (कैलाश)

Named after the sacred abode of Lord Shiva

Spiritually connected, seeking divine guidance and fostering peace and tranquillity.

Lucky house names in Tamil

People in South India choose names for themselves, their organisations, and their homes very carefully. Vaastu says that choosing a lovely Tamil house name can benefit the occupants.

House Name


Vaastu Aspect

Iraiyasi (இறையாசி)

Home with God’s blessings

Creates a blessed environment, making residents feel loved and protected.

Anbukkudil (அன்புக்குடில்)

House of Love

Attracts love and harmony in relationships, effective in resolving conflicts and fostering love among family members.

Magizhvagam (மகிழ்வாகம்)

Home of Happiness

Infuses joy and laughter, inviting happiness into the home.

Anand Nilayam (ஆனந்த நிலையம்)

Home of great joy

Creates an atmosphere of joy and harmony in the house, leading to a positive shift in the overall ambience.

Vastu Tips for House Name Plates

Apart from the name itself, the design and placement of the house nameplate also hold significance in Vastu Shastra. Here are some tips:

  • The nameplate should ideally be made of wood or metal, as these materials are considered auspicious.

  • Avoid using black or blue colours for the nameplate, as they are associated with negative energies.

  • The nameplate should be placed at eye level and positioned in the northeast or east direction of the main entrance.

  • Ensure that the nameplate is clean, well-maintained, and free from any defects or cracks.

What Does Vastu Say About House Names?

According to Vastu Shastra, the name of a house plays a pivotal role in determining the overall positive energy flow within the premises. A well-chosen name can attract prosperity, happiness, and good fortune, while an inauspicious name may lead to negative consequences. Vastu principles provide specific guidelines for selecting a lucky house name based on factors such as the direction the house faces, the number of consonants and vowels in the name, and the meaning behind the name.

Tips to Select Lucky House Names According to Vastu

When selecting a lucky house name as per Vastu, it is crucial to consider the following tips:

  • Consult a Vastu expert or refer to sacred texts for guidance on auspicious names.

  • Consider the direction (Dik) your house faces and choose a name associated with the corresponding element and deity.

  • Opt for names with an odd number of consonants and vowels, as even numbers are considered inauspicious.

  • Choose names with positive meanings related to deities, nature, prosperity, and virtues.

  • Avoid names with negative connotations or associations with violence, pain, or destruction.

Lucky House Names As Per Vastu in India

Across India, many homeowners have embraced the practice of choosing lucky house names based on Vastu principles. From Suryakunj (Abode of the Sun) and Raviraj (King of the Sun) to Amritkunj (Abode of Nectar) and Devangan (Celestial Courtyard), these names not only sound euphonious but also carry auspicious vibrations according to Vastu beliefs. By carefully selecting a name that aligns with their home's direction and holds positive connotations, Indian homeowners aim to attract prosperity, happiness, and good fortune into their living spaces.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Vastu-Compliant House Name Plate

Choosing a house nameplate that complies with Vastu principles is essential to establishing a peaceful and optimistic living space. Consider the following elements when selecting a nameplate in accordance with Vastu principles:

  • Material: Since all materials contain energy, choose robust, natural materials like metal, stone, or wood. Materials that align with the special qualities of your home and the energy you want to draw in are recommended by Vastu.

  • Size and Design: Make sure the nameplate's dimensions and style complement the front of your house and are aesthetically pleasing. The nameplate ought to blend in with your house's overall design and be clear enough to read from a distance.

  • Placement & Location: According to Vastu, to make sure that good energy enters your house, position the nameplate facing north, east, or northeast. Make sure there are no plants or things blocking the nameplate's visibility.

  • Lettering & Fonts: For the nameplate, use typefaces and letters that are aesthetically beautiful, readable, and clear. Steer clear of extremely ornate or complex typefaces that could be challenging to read. Including lucky patterns or symbols can intensify good vibes.

  • Personalisation: Include your family's initials, a heartfelt saying, or a significant date to give it a more intimate feel. Customisation can add distinction and specialness to the nameplate, attracting even more positive energy.


In conclusion, choosing a lucky house name as per Vastu Shastra is a tradition deeply rooted in Indian culture. By adhering to the principles outlined in this ancient architectural system, homeowners can create a harmonious living environment that radiates positive energies. Whether you seek auspicious Hindi names or names in other languages, the key lies in understanding the significance of each element – from the direction your house faces to the number of consonants and vowels in the name and the meaning behind it. By embracing these guidelines, you can not only personalize your living space but also invite prosperity and well-being into your home.


As per Vastu, are there specific guidelines for south or east-facing house names?
Indian Estate Gorup
Indian Estate Gorup
Although names for residences facing east or south are not specifically advised, it is a good idea to select names that correspond with the energies of these directions, such as expansion, wealth, and fresh starts.
Are lucky house names a recent trend or an old tradition?
Indian Estate Gorup
Indian Estate Gorup
The custom of giving lucky house names is a long-standing Indian custom that is still widely observed today.
Is it good to add a Swastika symbol next to the house name as per Vaastu?
Indian Estate Gorup
Indian Estate Gorup
Of course, if you adhere to Vaastu principles, you can place a Swastika sign next to the home name.
Is it essential to consult a Vaastu expert when choosing a house name?
Indian Estate Gorup
Indian Estate Gorup
While it's not required, consulting a Vaastu specialist can yield insightful guidance when choosing a house name that complies with Vaastu principles. Their in-depth understanding can guarantee that the name of your house fosters harmony and prosperity.
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