Impact of Infrastructure Development on Noida's Real Estate Market, Top 5 Things You Should Know

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Noida, the modern-day City of Dreams for millions, is located just 40 km from New Delhi. Noida has transformed into an urban haven from its modest beginnings as an agricultural town. Due to its advantageous location next to Delhi and plenty of available land, it was the perfect satellite town as Delhi began to overflow. Since the early 2000s, Indian Estate Group, a prominent real estate consultant in Noida, has been monitoring the city's expansion. The highly esteemed and livable metropolis that Noida is today would not have existed without extensive infrastructure development.

In this blog, we shall voyage through the key milestones in Noida’s infrastructure development history and how they have directly impacted the Property in Noida. Gear up for an exciting ride through the Noida Real Estate saga with us!

  • Delhi Metro Rail Revolution

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation began offering metro rail service between Delhi and Noida in November 2009. With this, smooth public transit connectivity to India's capital city began. Daily office commuters got a quick, convenient and cost-effective transit medium. Travel time from Sector 32 Noida to New Delhi railway station was reduced from 45 mins by road to just 33 mins!

An Assocham study in 2013 showed that around 35% of employees working in Noida preferred Metro over private transportation. Property in Noida within a 500-meter radius of Metro stations clocked a whopping 25-30% capital appreciation post its launch. Sectors like Sector 50, 51 52 located on the Blue Line Metro corridor saw a residential demand boom in the early 2010s owing to connectivity advantage. 

  • Flexible Flyovers & Expressways

In May 2001, the 8-lane 25 km long DND Flyway built over river Yamuna connected Noida with South Delhi. This signal-free route drastically reduced travel time between Delhi and Noida. To further augment connectivity with Greater Noida and Agra/Mathura belt, the Yamuna Expressway was launched in August 2012. This 6-lane 165 km long fully access controlled expressway passing along Noida’s borders significantly enhanced Noida’s accessibility. Commute times dropped - Delhi to Greater Noida in just 45 minutes and Delhi to Agra in under 2 hours!

Owning an Apartment in Noida overlooking these sleek expressways became a privilege with improved connectivity advantages. Thus residential plotted developments and high-rise apartments along Yamuna Expressway and DND Flyway started seeing traction in the early 2010s from investors and end-users alike keen to cut down their travel times. 

  • Commercial Extravaganzas

When DLF Mall of India opened its doors in 2005, Sector 18, which had started to expand in the early 2000s, was designated as Noida's new central business area. It remained Noida’s premium commercial and retail district for almost a decade before it got company. By mid 2010s, Noida’s changing skyline saw newer integrated commercial hubs spanning Sectors 62, 125, 135, 144 and Knowledge Park V. 

Top Indian corporates like HCL, Infosys, EXL, Sapient, and TCS to global biggies like Accenture, and Fiserv made Noida their NCR base owing to cost advantages. Malls, 5-star hotels, and premium healthcare centres all flocked to these new-age commercial complexes. Property in Noida’s adjoining residential sectors naturally became very coveted by employees working in these AAA-grade offices or entrepreneurial setups preferring plug-and-play office spaces. The commercial transformation catalyzed housing demand in adjacent residential sectors like Sectors 119, 120, 121, 137, and 143 owing to livability perceptions by corporate employees desiring shorter commutes.

  • Sprawling Green Avenues

Unlike congested concrete structures engulfing South Delhi, Noida offered vast open landscapes and green zones. Sector parks within every residential precinct, safe walking tracks, and lakeside views lending a serene backdrop became much sought-after features. Homebuyers started visualizing these open green spaces as extensions of their private living areas – kids' play areas, morning/evening walk zones or recreational spaces over weekends with friends. Thus, Property in Noida in sectors housing big parks like Sector 50, 91, 108, and 19 commanded capital and even rental premiums over others.

As city planning in Noida further evolved in the late 2010s, exclusive green recreational spaces took shape. Medicinal and herbal parks like Smriti Van in Sector 94 and Harsh Vardhan Medicinal Park in Sector 91 found patronage from health-conscious residents residing even 5-6 kms away in search of fresh pollution-free open Property in Noida! 

  • Premium Education Campuses

By the mid to late 2000s onwards renowned education institutions had already made Noida their base – like universities Shiv Nadar, Jaypee and Amity, as well acclaimed schools Delhi Public School, Amity International, and Ryan International to name a few. This attracted thousands of students from across India to pursue quality education within budget in a safe environment. 

Property in Noida in sectors housing these educational institutions like Sectors 44, 62, 122, and 128 thus witnessed residential buying interest from parents looking to purchase apartments or PG accommodations in the vicinity. In fact almost 40-50% of tenants today in regions around such campuses comprise either students pursuing studies or professionals taking distance learning courses as per our internal consumer survey reports.


In a nutshell, Noida has been transformed into an extremely livable city thanks to significant infrastructure upgrades in connectivity, healthcare, education, entertainment and overall civic amenities. These have directly resulted in an exponential increase in housing demand from genuine end-users over investors looking out for Property in Noida. So if you are looking to buy apartments in Noida or flats in Noida, infrastructure would be one of the most important considerations in decision-making.

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Indian Estate Gorup
Mei 13, 2020
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Cras sit amet nibh libero, in gravida nulla. Nulla vel metus scelerisque ante sollicitudin.

Indian Estate Gorup
Jhon Doe
Mei 13, 2020
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Cras sit amet nibh libero, in gravida nulla. Nulla vel metus scelerisque ante sollicitudin. Cras purus odio, vestibulum in vulputate at, tempus viverra turpis. Fusce condimentum nunc ac nisi vulputate fringilla. Donec lacinia congue felis in faucibus.

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