Wall Clock Vastu Direction For Home: How to Choose Position, Shape and Color

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In the ancient Indian architectural science of Vastu Shastra, even the humblest household objects take on profound symbolic meaning and energetic significance. One such object that gets the full Vastu treatment? The ubiquitous wall clock. That's right - according to Vastu's time-honoured principles, Clock Direction as per Vastu - the precise placement, shape, and colour of your trusty timekeeping companion can make or break the harmonious flow of vital life force energy coursing through your living spaces.

Let that mind-bending concept sink in for a moment. Something as seemingly mundane as where you choose to hang a clock or what material hue you select could, quite literally, be the make-or-break factor determining whether your home cultivates fertile "good vibes" or stagnant, obstructed energy. Intrigued? We certainly were when we first uncovered this fascinating world of Vastu's intricate clock wisdom. 

Read on as we at Indian Estate Group (IEG) unpack these profound teachings for Clock Direction as per Vastu

Clock Direction as per Vastu: The Top Tips by Indian Estate Group

In most households, the living room serves as the lively, vital heart centre where families converge to connect, relax, rejuvenate, and create cherished memories together. It's no wonder, then, that Vastu traditions place special emphasis on the strategic positioning of a wall clock within this sacred communal space.

The two most auspicious living room locations for a clock face? The energizing eastern wall and the tranquil northern wall. Opt to hang your timepiece toward the rising sun of the east, and you're beckoning in energies of fresh potential, continual growth and renewal - the perfect ingredients for infusing your living area with vibrant possibility and forward-moving momentum.

As per the vastu shastra consultant choose to place your clock face pointing toward the northern orientation instead, and you're aligning your space with the grounding, anchoring, centred forces of stability, constancy, and serenity. With the northern clock as your guide, your living room can become an oasis of peaceful refuge amidst life's whirlwind chaos. 

Beyond the Living Area: Finding the Best Direction for Wall Clock as Per Vastu

While living room clock placement takes top priority in the Vastu realm, this ancient wisdom tradition offers specific guidance for auspicious timepiece locations throughout the home's various rooms and spaces:

  1. Wall Clock Direction as per Vastu For the Bedroom

    : The master guides us to seek out the intimacy-enhancing southwest wall or the nurturing, domestic warmth of the western direction. These areas of the home are believed to stimulate themes of romance, fertility, and an overarching sense of grounded well-being - the ideal vibrational backdrop for your inner sanctum.
  1. Wall Clock Direction as per Vastu For the Kitchen:

     The affluence and nourishment-linked southeast direction takes pride of place. After all, where better to track your meal prep and family's sustenance than under the watchful gaze of a clock that channels this room's own abundant, culinary energy? 
  2. Wall Clock Direction as per Vastu For the Living Room: 

    And if you're wondering about Clock Direction as per Vastu to position a wall clock in a dedicated home office or study area, look no further than the northern wall (representing knowledge and clear focus) or the eastern wall (tied to career, growth, and fresh possibilities). These orientations are perfectly poised to energetically activate and support your brilliant ideas, professional ambitions, and studious concentration.

Wall Clock Vastu as Per the Shape, Color, and Direction

  1. Wall Clock Shape As Per Vastu

But the Vastu lens extends far beyond just directional principles when it comes to clocks. This practice also considers the physical form and shade of your chosen timepiece as energetically significant, assigning symbolic meaning and vibrational implications to both shape and colour.

For shape, the classic round or circular clock face emerges as Vastu's undisputed favourite, embodying the cyclical, continuous, unbroken nature of time itself. Opting for an orb-like clock is meant to attract a sense of unified harmony, graceful continuity, and stability to your space.

  1. Wall Clock Colour As per Vastu

As for hue, Vastu masters believed each colour broadcasts its own unique energetic frequency capable of profoundly impacting a room's overall vibe:

  • Red clocks spice things up with their passionate, energising, vitalizing heat and dynamism. 

  • Blue timepieces cool the vibe down with their soothing, tranquil, emotionally-stabilizing oceanic tones.

  • Green acts as Mother Nature's own ambassador, summoning growth, renewal, abundance, and financial prosperity. 

  • Yellow clocks channel the illuminating radiance and uplifting warmth of the solar fire to ignite mental clarity, concentration, and brilliant ideas.

  1. Wall Clock Direction as per Vastu

The best directions for hanging a wall clock are north and east. Because Indra rules the East, placing a clock here will increase a resident's notoriety and wealth. The North, which is controlled by Kuber, is the best direction to attract money. 

The God of Death, Yama, is in charge of the south, hence wall clocks should never be hung there. It is stated that hanging a clock here will cause stress and suffering within the home. 

The house vastu wall clock in your bedroom indicates that if the bed faces east, the wall clock should face west. Family members will benefit from this in terms of health. 

Clocks should never be facing a door within the house and should never be outside, on a balcony or anywhere else. 

Some Vastu Tips for Placing Your Wall Clock:

  • Direction: The north or east wall is the best place to put a wall clock. These directions are viewed as lucky and are said to draw good energy.

  • Steer clear of South and West: It is usually advised against mounting the wall clock on these walls. These instructions are thought to waste time and interfere with the home's beneficial energy flow.

  • Height: The wall clock needs to be hung at the proper level. It should ideally be positioned at eye level when you are sitting. Steer clear of setting the clock too high or low.

  • Clockwise Motion: The wall clock needs to revolve in a clockwise manner. This is thought to represent advancement and onward motion in life. Don't use wall clocks that tick in the opposite direction as the traditional wall clock.

  • No Broken or Stopped Clocks: Keep your home free of clocks that are stopped or broken. They can convey bad energy and are seen as unlucky.

  • Avoid Placing a Wall Clock in the Bedroom: It is not advised to place a wall clock in the bedroom, particularly one that faces the bed. If your bedroom has a clock, move it so that it is not in direct line of sight from the bed.

  • Keep it Clean: Maintain your wall clock in a clean and well-maintained manner. Positive energy might become obstructed by dust and debris on the clock.

  • Use Positive Colours: Pick a wall clock with colours that are calming and upbeat. Steer clear of gloomy or muted tones as they could detract from the room's overall vibe.

A Real-Life Vastu Experiment by Indian Estate Group (IEG)

To bring these esoteric Vastu principles into sharper focus, let's look at how one modern couple, Nisha and Karan, decided to weave this ancient clock wisdom into their new living space:

When setting up their main living room, they opted for a large circular green wall clock to hold pride of place on the eastern wall. Green's association with abundance, growth, and financial flow aligned perfectly with their goal of creating an expansive, prosperous central living area. And by facing the direction of the rising sun, that verdant green clock face became a beacon for ushering in fresh, fertile, wealth-enhancing energy each new day. 

In the bedroom, Nisha and Karan chose a subtly rounded blue clock positioned prominently on the western wall to encourage emotional bonding and romantic intimacy between them as partners.

Finally, a vibrant yellow circular clock found its place front and centre on the northern wall of Karan's dedicated home office nook. Here, they leveraged the stimulating radiance of the yellow hue to energize mental focus and also linked the northern orientation to career enhancement and intellectual growth.

In this way, the well-intentioned couple used Vastu's insights to create a finely-tuned, clockwork-like resonance between each room's core purpose and the distinct energetic power of the timepiece keeping watch over it.

Embracing Vastu Wisdom as a Guide, Not a Limitation

Do Vastu's profoundly symbolic tenets around clock placement and attributes carry the resonant ring of Truth for you? Or do they perhaps come across as too esoteric or "out there" for our modern rational minds? As with any ancient earth wisdom tradition, that's for each of us to individually explore and decide based on personal experience and inner resonance. 

The key here is to embrace Clock Direction as per Vastu teachings not as dogmatic rules or rigid limitations, but as a flexible framework for empowerment - ancient insights that can help us become more conscious, intentional creators and curators of the soul-nourishing living environments we desire.

Because at the end of the day, whether you choose to apply every single Clock Direction as per Vastu guideline to the letter or simply allow particular principles that deeply "click" to lightly influence your design are the master architect and visionary of your sacred home abode. With conscious intention and respect for tradition's eternal wisdoms, any simple wall clock can become a powerful environmental talisman - a portal for manifesting the vibrant, luminous, life-enhancing space of your dreams.

Ready to bring Vastushastra wisdom into your spaces? Connect with Indian Estate Group (IEG) experts today and get started…


Where to Hang Wall Clock in Living Room?
Indian Estate Gorup
Indian Estate Gorup
A family gathers in the living room of their home most of the time. Accessories for wall clocks should be arranged to create a positive energy flow by facing the appropriate direction, according to Vastu principles. Thus, heed these suggestions if you're unsure about where to place a wall clock in your living room. The north wall of the living room is the best place for a wall clock. Kubera, the god of wealth, rules the direction to the north. Thus, this time on the clock is seen as fortunate. As alternatives, you can also think of the east, northeast, and west.
A wall clock for the living room placed in the direction suggested by Vastu promotes positivity, harmony, and prosperity for the household.
Which hand is lucky for watch as per Vastu?
Indian Estate Gorup
Indian Estate Gorup
Watches are typically worn on non-dominant hands by people. There isn't a set rule regarding wearing a watch, though. Nonetheless, Vastu advises wearing it on the right hand.
How many clocks should you keep at home?
Indian Estate Gorup
Indian Estate Gorup
You can have one master clock and one alarm clock in each room in your home, according to Feng Shui. By doing this, the energy within the house will be protected.
What if I have a mirror near the wall clock?
Indian Estate Gorup
Indian Estate Gorup
A mirror reflecting the clock should not be placed there since this could cause opposing energy. Make sure the mirror does not reflect the clock.
Is the pendulum clock good for Vastu?
Indian Estate Gorup
Indian Estate Gorup
A pendulum wall clock is a great technique to generate a positive atmosphere and get rid of issues in life, according to Vastu Shastra. The living room or drawing room is the best spot to put the clock. Experts in Vastu say that a clock should have a consistent design, with eight, six, or square arms.

In accordance with Vastu, facing east is the ideal orientation for a pendulum wall clock. A pendulum wall clock should not be placed in a bedroom since it can cause discord.
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